““Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.”


I remember myself making my first presentation during my MBA. I was so nervous didn’t slept the night before I have to make presentation.Matter of fact was in any case I could not skip it but simply the thought of speaking in front of so many audiences gave me goosebumps. Although my friend’s encouraged me a lot and I tried to overcome my fear. Yet when I faced the audience I gave the presentation with shivering hands and cracking voice. That day I came to know overcoming one fear is the most important factor to excel at public speaking.

So here are 3 tips that can calm your nerves and help you deliver a memorable speech.

  1. Rehearse,Rehearse and Rehearse : This one is the key to overcoming your fear of public speaking. Keep practicing and rehearsing in front of some known audience who could be your friend,family member or anyone. The more you rehearse the more you get confident and that’s the point where fear leaves you.
  2. Know your audience: Get familiar to the audience before you start your presentation. This will make you comfortable with them and fear gripping you will lose its control.
  3. Feedback:Get feedback from your audience whosoever he/she or they are. Even a single piece of it can set the spark in you. You never know from where you get the right piece of information that would help you in making yourself a better speaker.

So what are you waiting for overcome your fear and keep the spark in you going. All the best.

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