No malls, no movies , no outings , no food from outside , no for everything that kept our life busy a few days ago. First few days Television kept us bit busy but now it has also stopped fascinating us. So to kick off the boredom I have some tips that I have jotted down as follows which I am personally doing:

  1. Stop being lazy there is so much to do.Do some yoga do some meditation.
  2. Stop making stupid videos .If you have passion for writing start writing blogs or stories or poetries. If not this you can even pen down your daily feelings in diary.
  3. If you have passion for reading download some book app where by you get a gist of all famous book that you have not read.
  4. Start cooking and discovering new ways of cooking with all that you have.
  5. Then there are many who are giving free demo for many courses e.g digital marketing, digital ad agency, content writing etc. They are free of cost. Although they are not so useful but yes they give you an overview which in case you pursue the course in future will be an added benefit.

So time for action bring out your creativity in the best possible way just google and get into action.This is best time we can utilize it inspite of having regret of doing nothing.

“Being bored is an insult to oneself.”

-Jules Renard

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