How to discipline a toddler?

” You can’t teach children to behave properly by making them feel worse.When children feel better they behave better”

Pam Leo

I have often heard parents saying my child doesn’t listen to me and he/she is very stubborn at some point in time and this is the point where I lose cool. That is the common challenge that even the best of the parents face. Remember at the age of 2-3 years the toddlers have a firmer grip on themselves and they can experience various feelings and emotions. So it is our responsibility to gauge their feeling and reinforce positive behavior from them. Various articles have been written and various research has been done to explore different strategies to discipline a toddler. However, with my personal experience, I found some of the best strategies that work which would be as follows.

Being on same ground

The first and foremost requirement is to prepare each one in your family and bring them to common ground when it comes to discipline toddlers. It is often seen the grandparents don’t want a kid to be scolded or punished. That’s where the major challenge is. For e.g the other day my son wanted chocolate from a store where I went shopping for groceries. I said no to him and explained to him that you already had one which is the rule right. My son was cranky but still, I would have managed but then came his Grandmother and gave the chocolate to him which I resisted but now the bullet has been misfired and I was helpless in getting it back to the gun. So you see my son knows now if I don’t give me anything he has another choice in his grandmother. My rules made for him had been good enough if somebody has not tried to break it for him. So it is of utmost importance to explain and make understand all in your family that when a rule has been made then it has to be conveyed to the child in action or words in the same way as it is. A child needs consistent discipline, so talk with your partner, family members, and child care provider to set basic rules everyone follows.

Model proper BEHAVIOR

Every parent is the first teacher to their child. The child learns by watching what you do. Teach children what is right and wrong by modeling the same in your behavior. For e.g, if you yell at each-other you will pass on a message to your child that it is ok to yell which sooner or letter you will see in your child’s behavior. So do right to let the child learn the right.

Explain them the consequences

Calmly explain to them the consequences of their good or bad behavior. Give them some reward for their good behavior it can be anything like clapping, appreciation, and any of the favorite things he likes. This will prompt him to be good at his behavior. On the other hand for any bad behavior explain to them what they can be devoid of like toys etc.this will help him realize that If I do this I will be not given my favorite toys so that will prompt him to indulge less in bad behavior.


Time-out is the condition when your child breaks any rules made by you and you ask him to sit for a minute in the corner of the house where he feels a little scared. It could be for 1 or 2 minutes. This will give him a warning signal each time he breaks the rule. The repeat occurrence for breaking any rule will get lessen. This strategy can help the child learn and practice self-management skills.

Give them attention

According to research, some children only receive 7 minutes of one on one time a day from their parents. Make sure that you are not one of those parents. Have an engaging time with your child every day.Play with them does some tasks with them. Put aside all your distractions for that period.Listen to them. The more the child feels engaged with you the more he will have bonding with you and more he will listen to you.

Parenting is a very daunting task if you make it but if you follow simple rules that task appears so beautiful. Just remember a child is still a child so try leaving some rooms for them to make mistakes and enjoy. Only No doesn’t have an answer but sometimes Yes can also do wonders.

3 tips to overcome fear of public speaking.

““Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.”


I remember myself making my first presentation during my MBA. I was so nervous didn’t slept the night before I have to make presentation.Matter of fact was in any case I could not skip it but simply the thought of speaking in front of so many audiences gave me goosebumps. Although my friend’s encouraged me a lot and I tried to overcome my fear. Yet when I faced the audience I gave the presentation with shivering hands and cracking voice. That day I came to know overcoming one fear is the most important factor to excel at public speaking.

So here are 3 tips that can calm your nerves and help you deliver a memorable speech.

  1. Rehearse,Rehearse and Rehearse : This one is the key to overcoming your fear of public speaking. Keep practicing and rehearsing in front of some known audience who could be your friend,family member or anyone. The more you rehearse the more you get confident and that’s the point where fear leaves you.
  2. Know your audience: Get familiar to the audience before you start your presentation. This will make you comfortable with them and fear gripping you will lose its control.
  3. Feedback:Get feedback from your audience whosoever he/she or they are. Even a single piece of it can set the spark in you. You never know from where you get the right piece of information that would help you in making yourself a better speaker.

So what are you waiting for overcome your fear and keep the spark in you going. All the best.

Tips to stay active this summer.

The other day of lockdown with no maids coming for work. I feel so exhausted and tired after all my daily household chores. The realisation pour upon me that how I have made up my body that simply doing a day work has completely drained out of me the energy. So I thought of looking upon some means to stay active.

Here I came upon some as jotted down. After following it for few I have noticeably seen changes in me.

1.Get up early have a lemon honey glassful of water. It detoxifies body and aids weight loss and enhances our immunity.

2.Relax and go for a walk for about 15 minutes.This will surely rejuvenate you and you will feel good all day along. And if you can do yoga for about 30 minutes that will add more to your vitality.

3.Have fenugreek water( two teaspoon of Fenugreek kept in glass of water for overnight). Fenugreek seeds have a healthy nutritional profile, containing a good amount of fiber and minerals, including iron and magnesium. Fenugreek or methi water helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from your body and it helps in improving your bowel movement. It helps you fight against digestive problems. It prevents constipation, indigestion among other digestion problems. Fenugreek seeds are a great remedy for diabetics. Don’t have anything for about 10-15 minutes after having this.

4.Have at least one seasonal fruit daily like watermelon ,muskmelon ,Mango etc. You can have them as smoothie or shakes whatever way you like.

5.Have lunch but don’t skip to have salads along.

6.Have homemade curd after lunch. Its the best summer food. It enhances immunity and keep our digestion in place. It is also good for skin and hairs.

7.Drink twice a day Green tea after having lunch and dinner.Green tea increases the metabolism and aids weight loss.

8.Take about 30 minutes of walk after having dinner.The walk should be brisk.

9.At night before sleeping have a glass of milk with turmeric.

10.Don’t forget to drink about 2 litre water a day.

Take care of your body ,it’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

Tips to keep off boredom in lockdown.

No malls, no movies , no outings , no food from outside , no for everything that kept our life busy a few days ago. First few days Television kept us bit busy but now it has also stopped fascinating us. So to kick off the boredom I have some tips that I have jotted down as follows which I am personally doing:

  1. Stop being lazy there is so much to do.Do some yoga do some meditation.
  2. Stop making stupid videos .If you have passion for writing start writing blogs or stories or poetries. If not this you can even pen down your daily feelings in diary.
  3. If you have passion for reading download some book app where by you get a gist of all famous book that you have not read.
  4. Start cooking and discovering new ways of cooking with all that you have.
  5. Then there are many who are giving free demo for many courses e.g digital marketing, digital ad agency, content writing etc. They are free of cost. Although they are not so useful but yes they give you an overview which in case you pursue the course in future will be an added benefit.

So time for action bring out your creativity in the best possible way just google and get into action.This is best time we can utilize it inspite of having regret of doing nothing.

“Being bored is an insult to oneself.”

-Jules Renard